Pinballed! (my current main project) is based on a ‘what if?’ scenario; what if, in the mid-seventies, pinball manufacturers had copied early video games? Imagine a Pong clone made out of random pinball parts… How would such a machine work? How would it play?

This is what Pinballed! is about. Each ‘table’ will feature game play elements from one or more classic arcade games, while still looking and playing pretty much like a pinball machine. Most will feature multi-player competitive modes, a tilt mechanic, flippers, bumpers, drop-target, etc. I plan on having between 5 to 10 different ‘machines’ when i’m done, each an evolution of the last.

‘Sun&Moon’ machine, Swap Amusement’s earliest prototype.

I also wanted to tell a cool story… But how do you tell a story in what is essentially a Pong clone?

Pinballed! will also be the story of a completely fictitious company called Swap Amusement who, in the mid-seventies, decided to face the ‘video game menace’ head-on. It also tells the story of its leader, eccentric playboy millionaire Burton Swap, and how he drove his dad’s company into the ground in just a few short years.

Think of Pinballed! as ‘mock interactive book’ for your iPad… Or if This Is Spinal Tap was a video game…

I’m working part-time on a vertical-slice type thingy right now, whilst looking for a job. I should post something about this soon.

Keep it groovy,